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 Cleaners and Sealers 
Recommended for Refinished Fixtures

Primary cleaners are recommended for use on a regular basis.
Secondary cleaners are only recommended for occasional use, when tougher cleaning is required.

Scrubbing Bubbles®
Bathroom Cleaner

-Primary Cleaner
-Available at most grocery stores

Clorox® Disinfecting
Bathroom Cleaner

-Primary Cleaner
-Available at most grocery stores

Lysol® Disinfectant
Bathroom Cleaner

-Primary Cleaner
-Pump or Aerosol
-Available at most grocery stores

Soft Scrub®
with Bleach

-Secondary Cleaner
-Liquid Cleaner
-Available at most grocery stores



-Wax, Cleaner, Polish, Sealer
-Liquid or Aerosol
-Available at Home Depot™ and True Value™ Hardware

(As this product is a wax, it can be slippery and is not recommended for use on the bottom of the tub.)

General Electric®
Silicone II
100% Silicone Sealant

-We recommend silicone caulk to seal your bathtub
-Available at Home Depot™ and your local hardware store

This is not an endorsement of the listed products, nor is Drexel Company affiliated in any way with the companies mentioned.  This list is designed to inform our customers about cleaning products that we have found work best with refinished surfaces.  Read and follow all manufacturers' instructions when using these products.


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