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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions get answered.

    Following are some of the most frequently asked questions customer's have asked us.  If you have a question that is not answered here contact us directly. We believe an informed consumer will be a satisfied customer.

  1. What is bathtub refinishing?

  2. Do you use porcelain to refinish my tub?

  3. What does the process consist of?

  4. How is the coating applied?  Can you tell the tub has been refinished?

  5. How long does the process take?     

  6. Will the surface be smooth and shiny?

  7. How long will the finish last?

  8. Does the tub have to be dry before the refinisher starts?

  9. Do you need a window in the bathroom?

  10. After the fixture has been refinished, how long  do I have to wait until I can use it?

  11. If there is damage from chips, water leaks, harsh chemicals, etc., can this be repaired with refinishing?

  12. My tub has areas that are rusting, can this be repaired?

  13. If my tub has already been refinished, can it be done again?

  14. If the new finish gets damaged, (chips, scratches, etc.) can it be repaired?

  15. Do I need to remove the fixtures, drain, etc.?

  16. If other work, such as; remodeling, plumbing, etc., need to be done, should I do this before or after refinishing?

  17. I have new tile on my walls and floor. Will they be protected while refinishing my tub?

  18. There are shower doors on my tub, do I need to remove them?

  19. My tub is a dark color.  Can it be refinished in a lighter color?

  20. Should I remove the old caulking?

  21. If I have loose or broken tiles, should they be repaired first? 

  22. If I'm having tile refinished and the grout has cracks, missing areas or other damage, will refinishing cover this?

  23. Is it possible to have the tub and the tile refinished in separate colors?

  24. If I want to refinish the tile, could it be done after the bathtub has already been re finished?

  25. Should we leave the house during the refinishing process?

  26. What type of cleaners should I use after my tub is refinished?

  27. Can I still use a bathmat?

  28. Do I need to remove my appliqué stickers?  Are they a problem?

  29. My toilet / vanity are very close to the tub, is this a problem?

  30. The house is currently vacant, do you need water, electricity and heat?

  31. What are the pros and cons of Bathtub Liners?


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