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Answers to F.A.Q.'s


26.  What type of cleaners should I use after my tub is refinished?
        We recommend using only mild, non-abrasive cleaners that are approved for acrylic surfaces.  These cleaners usually come in a pump or an aerosol can.  Ask your refinisher for various brands of waxes and cleaning products that can be used on the new surface. Never use scouring powders, bleach, scuff pads or harsh chemicals to clean the refinished surface.  Back


27.  Can I still use a bathmat?
        Yes, however, certain bathmats should not be used.  Do not use any bathmats, or other items, that have suction cups.  The constant force of pulling these items off the finish may cause damage.  We recommend the use of a vinyl bathmat without suction cups.  Vinyl mats are beneficial because, if they ever get dirty or moldy, they can be cleaned in your clothes washer.  Any bathmat that is used on the refinished surface needs be hung up after each use, to allow the tub and mat to dry.  This will help prevent mold and mildew buildup.  Back

28.  Do I need to remove my appliqué stickers?  Are they a problem?
        Generally appliqués or non-slip stickers can be removed easily and cause no reason for the bathtub not to be refinished.  However, many times these stickers will hide damage under them.  They may have been applied over a chip or scratch. Or if the non-slip stickers have been on the bottom of the tub for a long time, the exposed surface around the appliqué may be worn down leaving the area directly under the sticker high.  This damage can range from minor to severe, but can all be repaired.  Charges will apply, depending on the extent of the repair.  Back


29.  My toilet/vanity is very close to the tub, is this a problem?
        Possibly. We recommend that any item closer than four inches to the tub be removed to give the refinisher plenty of room to apply the most even finish possible.  The removal of a toilet or vanity is the customers responsibility and must be completed prior to the scheduled appointment.  If these restricted areas are not cleared of obstacles, the finish may not lay flat or hold up in the long term.  Back

30.  The house is currently vacant, do you need water, electricity and heat?
        Yes, water and electricity are a must on every job.  Running water in the bathroom is necessary for the rinsing of cleaners and the acid etch.  Electricity is needed for the operation of the equipment.  (Working in the dark, with acid and no water, is never a good idea.)  Heat becomes more of an issue during the colder months of the year.  For the material to dry properly, a temperature of about 70º+ should be maintained for at least 24-48 hours in the project area before water is used.  Back

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