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Answers to F.A.Q.'s


21.  If I have loose or broken tiles, should they be repaired first?
        Yes.  We recommend that before refinishing is done that any loose, missing and seriously damaged tiles be replaced or repaired.  This also applies to plastic and fiberglass enclosures.  The walls around the fixture should be sturdy and firm.  If there are problems in these areas, a licensed contractor or a tile installation professional should be called for repairs of the enclosure, tile, wall board and studs if necessary.  Back


22.  If I'm having tile refinished and the grout has areas missing, cracks or other damage, will refinishing cover this?
        Refinishing can repair most minor damage of the tile, grout and tub surface.  Repairing chips, scratches and water erosion damage, are a normal part of bathtub refinishing.  When the tile is to be refinished, we request that all severely broken tiles be replaced before the scheduled appointment.  If any grout or tiles are missing from the wall tile, we recommend that this also be  repaired. Any repairs that need to be completed will be addressed during the estimate.  Please call a qualified Tile Installer or General Contractor for these repairs.  Back  


23.  Is it possible to have the tub and the tile refinished in separate colors?
        Yes.  To refinish both the tub and the tile into two separate colors requires two days to complete the refinishing, with a day of drying time in between.  For example, if we started on a Monday; we would prepare each surface, do all the etching and priming, and apply top coat to the tile the first day.  Tuesday, the sprayed surfaces would be left to dry.  On Wednesday, we would return to cover the newly refinished tile and spray the different color top coat on the tub.  Charges will apply for color and second visit.  Back


24.  If I want to refinish the tile, could it be done after the bathtub has already been refinished?
        Yes. As long as the refinished bathtub is in good condition and had been refinished by Drexel Co. Refinishing.  Because the acid blend we use to etch the tile over the refinished bathtub may damage the coating, we try to discourage this.  Back


25.  Should we leave the house during the refinishing process?
        No.  It is better for someone who is able to answer any questions to be there while the refinishing takes place.  As a general rule we recommend that anyone having a breathing condition (such as asthma or emphysema), or anyone requiring the assistance of oxygen be removed from the premises for several hours.  Pregnant women, small children and small animals should all be kept from the strong odors as a general precaution.  Back

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