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Answers to F.A.Q.'s


16.  If other work, such as; remodeling, plumbing, etc., need to be done, should I do this before or after refinishing?
         As a general rule, we recommend that our customers complete all remodeling projects before having the bathtub refinished.  Replacement of wall tile, the installation of a plastic or fiberglass enclosure, the removal of the sub-floor to replace the floor tile, or the replacement of plumbing and its fixtures, should all be completed first. This is also important in terms of controlling dust in the newly sprayed finish. If you are going to refinish the tile along with the tub, certain procedures need to followed in order to obtain the best results from refinishing.  Contact us for details and a free estimate.  Back


17.  I have new tile on my walls and floor. Will they be protected while refinishing my tub?
        Yes.  Every job receives our best effort to control over spray through the use of drop cloths, plastic sheeting, masking paper and professional grade masking tapes.  Back


18.  There are shower doors on my tub, do I need to remove them?
        Yes.  The shower doors themselves must be removed from the track assembly and set aside.  Be sure to rest the doors on a suitable surface, as shower doors can hold water and tend to leak.  For the best job, we recommend that the track assembly be removed if possible. This gives us the ability to apply a seamless coating of material over the tub, reducing the possibility of the coating peeling at the track.  The track assembly can be left up and worked around, but this is not the preferred method.  Back


19.  My tub is a dark color.  Can it be refinished in a lighter color?
        Yes.  We can refinish any color fixture into a new color.  We offer a 90-95% match on all color changes and they are mixed on site to get the best match possible.  To aid in our color match, we ask our customers to have a sample of the desired color available for the refinisher.  If the re-finished fixture is to match the color of new fixtures, we request that customers have the actual replacement unit(s) on hand for the closest match possible.  Charges will apply for color matching.  Back 


20.  Should I remove the old caulking?
        If you're feeling ambitious, go right ahead.  However it isn't necessary.  The refinisher will cut back or completely remove the old caulking from around the fixture as part of the preparation process.  New caulking will be applied in these areas, if possible, and the coating is applied over it.  This helps to prevent mold and mildew.  (If walls are made of plastic/fiberglass or there is to wide a space between the tub and tile, we cannot apply caulking in these areas, as it will not dry properly underneath the coating.  In these cases we ask the customer to recaulk once the finish has dried for 48 hours.)  Any caulking that we have applied should not be removed, as it will damage the finish.  Back

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