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Answers to F.A.Q.'s

11. If there is damage from chips, water leaks, harsh chemicals, etc., can this be repaired with refinishing?
        Yes.  These areas can be repaired using a 'fill and sand' procedure.  We fill the scratch or chip with a polyester fill compound, wait for it to harden in a few minutes and then sand the compound to a smooth, uniform finish.  When the repaired area is coated with the rest of the fixture, it will look as if the defect was never there.  Charges may apply, depending on the extent of the repair.  Back


12.  My tub has areas that are rusting, can this be repaired?
        Rust is usually caused by one or any combination of the following:

  • Old plumbing and fixtures
  • Well water, hard water or water with high mineral content
  • Chips, scratches or erosion down to the cast iron or sheet metal
  • Porosity of the original finish, down to the cast iron or sheet metal

        The blend of acids that we use to etch the surface of the tub, kills off most of the rust it comes into contact with.  We do our best to remove as much rust as possible; however, any rust areas that are repaired cannot be warranted against future rusting.  Charges may apply, depending on the extent of the repair.  Back


13. If my tub has already been refinished, can it be done again?
        Yes.  We use a procedure called stripping.  The old surface material is tested for proper adhesion and for compatibility with our products.  If the old material passes these tests, the refinisher will prepare the existing surface by sanding the old finish flat before applying the new coating.  This is done through wet and dry sanding.  If the old surface material has failed the adhesion /compatibility  tests, it must be removed by using a chemical paint stripper.  Charges will apply for either process.  Back


14. If the new finish gets damaged, (chips, scratches, etc.) can it be repaired?
        Any finish that we have applied, we are happy to offer repair services and touch-up material.  Charges may apply.  We cannot repair any material or finish, that has not been applied by Drexel Co. Refinishing.  Back

15. Do I need to remove the fixtures, drain, etc.?
         If you plan on updating the plumbing fixtures or repairing the existing hardware, complete all of this plumbing work first. This decreases the chance of the new finish getting damaged.  Otherwise, you should leave the drain, faucets (etc.) intact, as the refinisher will need to use them.  The refinisher may remove the trip-lever assembly and the hair trap, if possible.  We remove these parts to get as complete a coating as possible.  Your refinisher will give you instructions as how to reinstall your particular trip-lever assembly.  The faucets will be covered and protected from over spray, when the tub is refinished.  If the tile is to be refinished, the handles, covers, etc. will either be removed or taped off (covered) to protect them from over spray.  Back  

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