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Answers to F.A.Q.'s

6. Will the surface be smooth and shiny?
        Yes.  Spraying the coatings, rather than brushing or rolling on the material, allows it to lay flat and even across the entire surface of the fixture.  As our top-coat is applied, a resin-rich layer forms on top of the film, giving the fixture a deep, rich gloss.  Back


7. How long will the finish last?
        The material is rated to last for approximately ten years, however, it has been our experience that if the finish is properly maintained, it can last much longer.  Back


8. Does the tub have to be dry before the refinisher starts?
        No.  Water is normally used during preparation for the cleaning and etching procedures. The fixture and the surrounding area is dried completely before the coatings are applied.  Back


Fume Exhauster9. Do you need a window in the bathroom?We ventilate as best we can.
        Though it is beneficial to have a window in the bathroom, it is not necessary.  If a window is available for use, we will install one or two fans in the opening to carry out the fumes and over spray.  In cases where a bathroom does not have a window, we use a Fume Exhauster to pump the fumes and over spray out the next closest window (within 25 feet).  Back


10. After the fixture has been refinished, how long  do I have to wait until I can use it?
        As a general rule, we ask our customers not to use any refinished item for 24-48 hours.  We also recommend that the tub receive a cleaning before its first use to remove any trace amounts of solvents left on the surface.  Back

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